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Pixel Gun 3d FPS Shooter and Battle Royale is an extremely enjoyable First Person Shooter game where you get to control different kinds of guns in a pixelated world. It’s among the top 10 shooting games on the Google play store and has more than 50 million downloads worldwide.

There are so many game modes in the game that makes it one of the best shooting game in Action Genre. The game offers realistic Minecraft like graphics, Battlefield like skills, Call of Duty like Guns, and PUBG like gameplay. It’s one action-packed ride for mobile gamers. There are three types of modes in the game which are further subdivided into sub-categories.

  • Singleplayer Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Battle Royale Mode


Pixel Gun 3D Wiki

Pixel gun 3D is an online First Person shooter game, also known as Battle Royale game where you have to defend yourself from the horrors of your enemy, and infected people that want to eat your brain. The last man standing in the game will win the match and get a reward that can be redeemed on in-game items. The game is best for those that love Pixelated games like Minecraft. The game involves a huge variety of different weapons. gadgets, maps, armor, modes and other content. To buy these items you’ve to win matches and earn coins. You can spend these coins and gems on different weapons, armor, characters, and maps.

Singleplayer Mode

Single Player Modes in pixel gun 3d are subdivided into Minigames and can be played offline. There are 5 minigames in pixel gun 3d. Campaign, Sandbox, Arena, Parkour Challenge and Extreme Run.

Multiplayer Mode

You may have heard of the famous genre Battle Royale and may have seen games like PUBG and Fortnite. Now image the same thing on an Android/IOS device with the pixelated world. Sounds fun right! Pixel Gun 3D now offers Battle royale multiplayer matches where you’ve to drop on a location and survive your way up to the top. This game also includes other multiplayer modes like PVP.

Multiplayer Mode in pixel gun 3d include 9 Minigame and will require an internet connection. These include Team Fight, Flag capture, Co-op Survival, Deathmatch, Block Crash, Duet, Point Capture, and Team Strike.

Deathmatch Mode Benefits:

  • Unique maps with various shapes
  • Varied weaponry
  • Worldwide and local matches
  • Up to 8 Players in one game
  • Chat and talk with your friends in the battle
  • A challenging and exciting experience

Cooperative Mode Features

  • Chat is available
  • Up to 4 Players in one game
  • 8 Special Maps
  • Rewards for winning fleet
  • Hardcore gameplay

Survival Mode Benefits

  • Detailed Graphics
  • Levels of zombies and evil zombie boss
  • Limited ammo for realistic gameplay
  • Different levels of zombies


Pixel Gun 3D Battle Royale

Like the famous Battle Royale genre, players land from aircraft, collect weapons and survive till the last second. As the match goes on, the zone decreases in radius, causes damage if you stay out in the open in the interval of 5 to 60 seconds. The damage increases every time the circle decrease. As the circle shrinks, the player gets closer to each other resulting in an actual battle royale. It’s fun to play mode with your friends as a Squad.

Pixel Gun 3d Game Features

  • Battle Royale Mode with 2 maps, and 100 players
  • Offline zombie apocalypse mode
  • 11+ minigames modes
  • 30+ Maps includes Nuclear City, Nite Christmas Town
  • 200+ reliable weapons
  • 40+ Gadgets
  • 50+ Pets that includes Alien Cat, T-Rex, Robo Dob, etc
  • 150+ Creative Skins
  • Crafting, Modifying and Skin Editor
  • Online Chat system to stay connected with friends
  • Upgradable Battle Pass with rewards
  • Holiday Updates and Blogger Events


Pixel Gun 3d Mod Apk

Pixel Gun 3d Mod Apk is a modified file that allows you to perform in-app purchases without spending a single dime. It’s a great feature once you want to unlock all the cool stuff in the game. The best part of these apk files is you don’t have to jailbreak or perform root on your device. Just download the apk file, follow the installation instruction and direct play the game.


Hacks For Pixel Gun 3d

Like every other game, pixel gun 3d also comes with hacks that you can perform to best defend yourself or kill your enemies in the blink of an eye. There are a lot of game hacks in pixel gun 3d. The most common ones are:

  • Wall Hack
  • Mode Menu
  • Unlimited Coins and Gems
  • Unlimited Bullet
  • Looping Shot
  • Area Damage
  • Increased Jump Height


Pixel Gun 3d Guns

Pixel gun 3d is all about guns and gadgets. There are 350+ customized weapons in the game. These include primary weapon and secondary weapons. The primary weapon is the most basic type of weapon in the game. You have to be very careful while selecting your primary weapon. It should be fast and ready to kill your enemy at a great fire rate. The secondary weapon provides a little bit less damage than the primary weapon, but are very effective in a situation when you’re fighting a horde of enemies.


Pixel Gun 3D Skins

There are 150+ creative skins in the game. The best feature of pixel gun 3d is the skin editor. Now with only 50 coins, you can make your custom skin. You don’t have to buy premium stuff in the game to make your cool outfit. Just head to the skin editor and showcase your creativity to the world.


Pixel Gun 3D zombies

There are a lot of cool minigames in pixel gun 3d. The best so far is the zombie apocalypse survival mode. In this mode, you’ll be only allowed to select specified weapons with little but not less ammunition. You have to fight a horde of zombies and after this kill a zombie boss. Take care from the zombie boss because it takes a lot of damage and is not easy to kill.


Cheats on Pixel Gun 3d

Pixel gun 3d cheats are game glitches that allow you to get resources in the game without downloading the mod apk file. Now you can jump back in time and collect the items available on bloggers events. We’ve provided all the working pixel gun 3d cheats that still work in 2019.


Pixel Gun 3D PC

Although pixel gun 3d is a very popular game, the developers have decided to restrict this game to a few gaming platforms. This includes Android, IOS and Amazon Store. To play this game on a huge screen with more FPS and better graphics you have to download an Android Emulator on your PC. The Android Emulator is like an android virtual device that runs on your system windows or MAC. Using this you can download all your favorite IOS and Android games. As of now, the only way to enjoy pixel gun 3d on PC is by using an Android Emulator.