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Pixel Gun 3d Cheat Guns

One of the primary thing in shooting games are a weapon. They define how good you’re in the game and how good you will be able to manage your enemies.

If you don’t have a good weapon in a shooting game, then chances of progress are very low. Pixel gun 3d guns are game contents. They are part of the game files and comes automatically with all the updates.

As of now, there are currently 6 types of weapons in the game: Primary, Melee, Heavy, Sniper, Backup and Special. Weapons are the reason Pixel gun 3d is on the shooting list of Android Games.


In this guide, we’ve covered everything related to weapons and best pixel gun 3d guns.

Pixel Gun 3D Guns

All of the modes available in pixel gun 3d permits the use of guns. There are a total of 63 weapons in the game which you can use for various modes. They are used to kill players and win multiplayer matches.

Weapons on each mode and category may act differently. For example, Sniper weapons could deal high damage, but with low fire rate and high reload time, and Primary weapon could deal low damage but with high fire rate and low reload time.

Weapons are designed in a very realistic environment. Bullets are limited so you’ve to pick up ammunition from other players. You can also continuously fire any weapon unless you run out of a magazine.

There are a total of 363 weapons in pixel gun 3d, making it one of the best first-person shooter game. You can obtain weapons from the battle pass, The Trader’s Van, Special Offers, The Armory, and in-App Purchases.

You can also craft your customized gun and use it in the battle. For more realistic gunfire and damage rate, you’ve to upgrade your weapons. To do this, just simply use the in-app currency (Diamonds or Coins).


Best Pixel Gun 3D guns

Primary weapons on pixel gun 3d are mainly categorized as shotguns, assault rifles, light machine guns, and submachine guns.

There are a lot of good weapons in the game. But we all know that some weapons are the best. Here we have a list of top weapons used in pixel gun 3d.

Primary: Cyborg Hands, Laser Assistant

Special: Engineer Exoskeleton, Reflector

Melee: Dark Force saber, Elder force saber

Sniper: Eva, Supercharged Rifle

Heavy: Destruction System

Back-up: Dual Cyro Pistols, Mercenary, Multitaskers


Here is a list of top pixel gun 3d best gun, voted by fans.

  • Laser Minigun
  • Prototype Up2
  • Automatic Peacemaker UP2
  • Hellraiser Up2
  • Dragon Breath
  • Excalibur
  • Crystal Death
  • Anti-Hero Rifle
  • Prototype
  • Anti-gravity gun
  • Freeze Ray Up1
  • Anime Scythe
  • Alien Gun
  • Anti-Gravity Blaster
  • Apocalypse Up1


Pixel Gun 3d Best Weapon to Buy 2019

Here’s a list of weapons that you can buy using in-app currency (Diamonds or Coin).

  • Storm and Viking
  • Eckodile Rigle
  • Future Police Rifle
  • Excalibur
  • Strom Trooper
  • S.W.A.T Military Rifle
  • Cookie Minigun
  • Champion Peacemaker
  • Impulse Minigun
  • Reflector


To be honest, Pixel gun 3d guns are usually designed to match every player need. Maybe you like some weapons, maybe not. So just stick around with the weapon that best suits your need.

Otherwise, you can always check our list for the top picks.


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