Pixel Gun 3D for PC Download (Windows + Mac)

Pixel Gun 3d PC

This post covers how you can download and install Pixel gun 3d for pc, mac, and Chromebook

Pixel gun 3d is a first-person shooter game packed with amazing graphics and game modes like survival, Battle royale, and zombies.

It’s a free game launched for IOS, Android and Windows platform and allows in-app purchases. Unlike many other games, pixel gun 3d doesn’t rely on Ads or make you pay by hindering progress. If you’re a free player, you can enjoy this game as much as a paid user does.

The graphics of the game are exactly like Minecraft, but to create uniqueness, the developers have added some extra features in the game.

You can easily customize your character with Skin editor and use it in multiplayer as well as single-player survival mode.

Yes, this game comes with the famous battle royale genre where you have to land on a specified location, collect guns and eliminate your enemies. The game is a real treat for Minecraft lovers.




What is Android Emulator?

An Android Emulator is a virtual android based smartphone that runs on the Windows platform. You can download and install your favorite apps on Android Emulator.

Android Emulator is available for both MAC and Windows user. Before continuing with the downloading process, first of all, you have to check your system specification and match it with the game requirements provided below.

Pixel Gun 3D PC System Requirements

Minimum Requirements For Pixel Gun 3D PC

Operating System: Windows 7 or Above

Processor: Core 2 duo


Disk Space: 5 GB Free

DirectX 9.0 or above compatible


Recommended Requirements For Pixel Gun 3D PC

Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: Core i5

Graphics: Intel HD dedicated Graphics

RAM: 4GB or Above

Disk Space: 5 GB Free

DirectX 9.0 or above compatible


Pixel Gun 3D on PC Features

  • Realistic Graphics
  • No PC or Network Lag
  • Easy navigation using mouse and keyboard
  • Ability to record or stream the gameplay
  • Custom system graphics


Pixel Gun 3D PC Download

For this to work, you have to first download and install Android Emulator on your PC. There are tons of great android Emulator Available on the internet. Our top picks are:

  • BlueStack
  • Tencent Gaming Buddy
  • Nox Play
  • MiUI
  1. Download the emulator files on your PC. Select the Installation director and click on installation.
  2. Launch the Application with Administrative Privileges
  3. Go to Google Play Store and Enter your Gmail ID
  4. Search Pixel Gun 3d
  5. Click on Install and Enjoy

Afterward, you can easily change the keyboard mapping that best suits you.



Pixel Gun 3D PC Online

For this, you’ve to connect your PC with the Local or Wifi network. Android Emulator is designed to use that network that your PC currently has. You don’t provide an explicit network to play pixel gun 3d online. Once you’re connected with your local network, the game will automatically connect itself with the network. The rest of the method is the same.


How to Play Pixel Gun 3D on PC?

Playing Pixel gun 3d on pc is very simple. You first have to select the best keyboard mapping option that suits you. The default controllers are:

  • Use the arrow keys for movement
  • Use the Space Key to Jump
  • Use the Shift key to run
  • Use F key to pick up items
  • Use E key to brink up your inventory
  • Use the Enter Key to Fire
  • Use Key 1,2,3,4 to change Weapons
  • Use Mouse Left button to Fire
  • Use Mouse Right button to use the scope


Download Pixel gun 3D On PC Windows 10

You can play pixel gun 3d Pocket crafting and Building edition on PC. For this, you don’t have to download Android Emulator. Just Login with your Microsoft account and get it for Free. This game is available on PC and Hub.



Pixel Gun 3D Pc Windows 10 Features

  • 3 gaming maps
  • Many Characters
  • Weapons include pistols, guns, snipers, bombs, Wooden Rods
  • Craft Items
  • Create, explore and survive in pixel maps


Pixel Gun 3D PC Gameplay

Pixel gun 3d Pc gameplay is the same as for Android and IOS users. After the installation, you can have hundreds of exciting weapons and character customization. The Game Modes included in pixel gun 3d PC are:

Pixel Gun 3D PC Multiplayer Modes

  • Team Fight
  • Co-op Survival
  • Flag Capture
  • Deadly games
  • Deathmatch
  • Duel
  • Team Strike
  • Block Crash

Pixel Gun 3D PC Single Player Modes

  • Arena
  • Survival Mode
  • Minigames


Pixel Gun 3D PC Hack

You can also use the hacked version of pixel gun 3d on PC. For this, you first have to download Pixel Gun 3d Apk on your PC. After this, just double click on the apk file and it will automatically install on your PC.


How to Play Pixel Gun 3D on Chromebook?

You can easily play pixel gun 3d on Chromebook following the method provided below.

  • For this, you first have to check your Chromebook device if its play store compatible.
  • If it’s compatible than just visit the play store and search for the game name
  • If not, then check the game name on Chrome Web store.


Pixel Gun 3D PC F.A.Q’s

How to Download Pixel Gun 3D Pc?
Pixel gun 3d is not available for Windows and MAC users. To play this game on PC, you have to use an Android Emulator.
How Old is Pixel Gun 3D?
Pixel gun 3d was initially released in 2013.
Can you get Pixel Gun 3D on PC?
Pixel gun 3d is not available on windows store, so you have to use Android Emulator.
Can Pixel Gun 3D Play on PC?
Pixel gun 3d is available for Android, IOS and Windows user. To play this game on PC, you’ve to use Android Emulator.


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