Pixel Gun 3D Zombies (Appearance, Levels, Gameplay)

Pixel Gun 3D Zombies

Pixel Gun 3D Zombies

The pixel gun 3d zombies are a common enemy in the pixel gun 3d game. It is also the original mob in the game. They slowly walk towards you and then swing their right arm to 6-8 health. The speed of the zombies is slow unless it’s a boss zombie which moves very fast.

Pixel Gun 3D Zombies Appearance

The appearance of pixel gun 3d zombies is pretty much the same as the Minecraft zombies edition. They wear a tattered white shirt with short sleeves. They also have a hole on their body which shows their internal organs like ribs and bone marrow.


Pixel Gun 3D Zombies Levels

The zombies are available on the pixelated world in 1, 3 and 5 level named as Farm, City, and Bridge. These levels are normal levels where you have to kill a bunch of zombies first and then kill the boss zombie to progress further.

Pixel gun 3d zombies are the oldest mob added in the game. The foundation of other monsters like Tortured Prisoner and Infected Truck Driver is based on the behavior of zombies.


Pixel Gun 3D Zombies Tips

However, zombies are easy to defeat in the game. Still, if you’ve happened to stuck around in the game with a pack of zombies then these tips might help you.

  • When fighting a huge pack of zombies, circle on them and then shoot the weapon with piercing shot on them. You can use the weapons like Soul Stone and Ghost lantern.
  • Any weapon can kill the zombie, they are weak creatures and doesn’t require any advanced weapon.
  • You can also use an area damage weapon when zombies attack you in huge groups.


Pixel Gun 3D Zombies Gameplay


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